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MEDRAPET European Workshop on Education and Training in Medical Radiation Protection
April 21-23, 2012
Athens, GREECE

The MEDRAPET workshop aims to facilitate the discussion on issues related to radiation protection education and training of medical professionals in the EU member states.

The MEDRAPET project is currently conducting an EU-wide study to establish the status in the member states regarding medical radiation protection education and training. Results of this study are going to be discussed during the MEDRAPET Workshop. Τhe outcomes will form the basis for a European Guidance on radiation protection education and training of medical professionals.

The workshop provides a platform for all medical professionals to exchange knowledge, share experience and discuss challenges and solutions to existing problems known in radiation protection education and training.

Scientific Committee
John Damilakis (ESR, Greece), chair
Stelios Christofides (EFOMP, Cyprus)
Alberto Del Guerra (EFOMP, Italy)
Wolfgang Eschner (EANM, Germany)
Susanne Huber (EFRS, Germany)
Dag Run Olsen (ESTRO, Norway)
Renato Padovani (EFOMP, Italy)
Graciano Paulo (EFRS, Portugal)
Madan Rehani (IAEA, Austria)
Dimitrios Tsetis (CIRSE, Greece)
Eliseo Vano (Article 31 GoE, Spain)

Project Management
Monika Hierath (ESR, Austria)
Sonja Guttenbrunner (ESR, Austria)

Local Organizing Committee
Panagiotis Dimitriou
Vasiliki Kamenopoulou
Thomas Maris
Michael Mazonakis
Kostas Perisinakis

Read the MEDRAPET Workshop flyer PDF

Conference Contributions

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